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Event official web-site (21-23 August 2009, Kiev, Ukraine)
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About Wake Park

Wake Park "X-Traction" is located in northern part of Kiev city, in a beautiful place near Moskovskiy Bridge. A free transportation shuttle will be provided from the hotel “Tourist” to the Wake Park "X-Traction" every contest day (21-23 August). Some information about park and hints how to get there is follows:

From satellite it looks like this :) (view is out of date, more objects in reality)

X-traction wake park

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Coordinates displayed on screenshot ( 50°29'50.02"N, 30°32'49.57"E ) could be used by car drivers for their GPS-navigation devices.

Wake Park, hotel "Tourist" and road to airport on Kiev city map:

Kiev map

View from top of Moskovskiy Bridge:

Some objects located in X-Traction Wake Park:

Park map - full size (1M)

Medium Size (1000x433, 88K) - Full Size, most detailed (5000x2166, 1.1M)

Objects during contest in X-Traction Wake Park:

Park map - full size (1M)

Medium Size (1000x433, 80K) - Full Size, most detailed (2400x2166, 280K)

Objects during contest and Obstacles Plan:

Obstacles Plan

Medium Size (1024x540, 154K) - Full Size (2500x1300, 280K)

Please also, see our Obstacles description page to get more information.